The Pros and Cons of Using CPAP

The Pros and Cons of Using CPAP from youtube by ApneaTreatmentCenter
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The Pros and Cons of Using CPAP: Points to Consider

A. Why Do People Hate CPAP?

Reasons that patients hate using a CPAP are ...

1. Main Reason: The mask must be worn all night, every night

2. The mask makes them feel claustrophobic

3. Facial irritations and breakouts caused by the straps on the mask

4. The mask and hose do not allow them to sleep on their stomachs

5. Difficulty in finding a comfortable sleeping position while wearing the mask

6. Perceived embarrassment over other people seeing the CPAP equipment

7. Bed partners object to the machines and the noises they make, even if the noise is not loud

8. Allergies make using the mask very uncomfortable

9. The need to take the CPAP along when traveling away from home

And on and on …

B. CPAP Benefits

When you follow your doctor’s prescribed CPAP usage schedule, you’ll have ...

● Fewer sleep apnea episodes

● Full night of quality sleep

● Improved cardiovascular function

● Decreased hypertension

● Reduced risk of onset diabetes

● Reduced risk of stroke

● Elimination of daytime drowsiness

● Better mental clarity and concentration

● Increased life expectancy

C. CPAP Problems

Common Problems You May Experience With CPAP Are:

■ Trouble getting used to the CPAP mask

■ Leaky mask

■ Bad mask fit

■ Dry or stuffy nose after wearing a mask

■ Very dry mouth

■ Annoying noise

D. CPAP Side Effects

Some of the side effects from CPAP usage include:

♦ Congestion, sneezing, nosebleeds, sinusitis, and a runny nose

♦ Stomach discomfort and bloating

♦ The feeling of suffocation or claustrophobia

♦ Sore chest muscles

♦ Facial skin rashes, abrasions, sores, acne-ulcers, and pinkeye

♦ Development of bronchitis and respiratory infections

♦ Development of tinnitus

E. CPAP Alternatives

a. Home Remedies for Sleep Apnea

ᴥ Mouth and throat exercises for sleep apnea

ᴥ Singing exercises for sleep apnea

ᴥ Didgeridoo therapy for sleep apnea

ᴥ Yoga exercises for sleep apnea

ᴥ Buteyko breathing technique for sleep apnea

b. Sleep Apnea Devices

◊ Sleep apnea pillows

◊ Prescription dental devices

◊ Inspire

◊ Provent

c. Sleep Apnea Surgeries

๏ Nasal surgeries

๏ Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP)

F. Wrapping Up:

This information will help you decide whether to use a CPAP or to try another avenue to manage your OSA!

If you’re currently on a CPAP treatment regimen, don’t stop or reduce your routine until you’ve discussed other options with your sleep apnea doctor.

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