Shark Attacks German Tourist in Hawaii - Bites off Arm!

Shark Attacks German Tourist in Hawaii - Bites off Arm! from youtube by Epic Wildlife
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Shark Attacked a German female tourist snorkeling near the beach. 4th Shark Attack in Maui this year! UPDATE! 20 year old German girl had an encounter with an unidentified shark 150 feet off the shore of White Rock beach in Maui, Hawaii around 5pm on Wednesday.

The shark attacked her while she was snorkeling and chewed off her arm just below the shoulder. The girl was unconscious after the bite and was taken to Maui Memorial Hospital by her 2 friends and a bystander in a kayak.

As of today the girl's name has not been released but she appears to be in stable condition and looks like she'll survive.

Hawaii had 11 shark attacks last year, the most in over a decade, but Hawaii has not had a fatal shark attack since 2004 when a surfer died after being bitten by a tiger shark 300 feet from the shore in Maui.

While tiger sharks are one of the most deadly sharks to humans, reports are suspecting it was an ocean whitetip that attacked the girl.

If you are going to swim at a beach that has any danger of sharks, it's best to have others around you and you should always avoid the water at dusk or dawn.

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