Rust Removal using a Laser non-Contact Hand-held Instrument

Rust Removal using a Laser non-Contact Hand-held Instrument from youtube by LaserAge TV
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No chemicals, completely dry rust removal process. Rust removal can even be completed in place without the need to remove the rusty car part.

This is the ultimate rust remover process to beat all rust remover products. You can easily remove rust from metal surfaces using a laser. Using the LaserAge method leaves a clean, rust-free, ready for painting or coating the surface afterwards. offers a unique laser rust removal solution for rust on cars and any other other rusty surfaces. Metallic trays, molds, and other metal components can be cleaned to make them free of rust, oil, grease, paint and other deposits that can quickly tarnish an otherwise shiny metal finish by simply pointing the portable mobile hand-held laser system at the object and voila!, all ready for painting or just leave as new. Flat or texturised rusty surfaces of steel and cast iron are well-suited for this process.
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