Minecraft FNaF MURDER! SPRINGTRAP LOVES CHICA! (Minecraft FNaF Roleplay)

Minecraft FNaF MURDER! SPRINGTRAP LOVES CHICA! (Minecraft FNaF Roleplay) from youtube by NewScapePro
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Welcome to "FNaF MURDER!" Cory (Freddy), Shubble (Chica), Uni (Foxy), and SPRINGTRAP! (Mithzan Max) are thrown into the FNaF 3 map featuring all the old animatronics as well as the new Sister Location ones! The group must find out who the murderer is...before it's too late. Chica, Springtrap, Foxy and Freddy are in for quite the treat.

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Uni - https://www.youtube.com/FahrenheitFilmStudio
Max - http://www.youtube.com/mithzanproductions
Shelby - http://www.youtube.com/shubbleyt

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