How I Lost all My Money When I Was a Beginner A True Story

How I Lost all My Money When I Was a Beginner A True Story from youtube by Make Money Trading Stocks
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How I Lost all My money When I Was a Beginner A true Story
This is my true story when i began trading stocks. I made some money but i lost it all . the reason is i dont know how to trade stocks and i dont even know my risk when trading. it was a good experience. But Because i lost my money at first. This makes me think and the question i have in mind was why a stock goes up or down. If i know this i would make money. It is after more than a year that i began to correct all my mistakes i tried strategies and i read hundreds of books and follow a lot of people0 But always i feel there is something missing. The thing is you should work hard and get disciplined and look as trading as a real business. success comes after a long search and patience and real practice with real money. Thats why now i share my experience with other fellow traders.
I made also some effective simple training levels by videos and Ebooks to enable anyone who is serious to study and do the same as i did without losing his money.
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