Crazy Psychic Predictions 2014

Crazy Psychic Predictions 2014 from youtube by TobyTurner
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This is the sixth episode of the new Tobuscus podcast: TOBY SUCKS AT PODCASTS, starring Toby Turner (who makes sucking at podcasts look easy), where we meet JESSE COX: YouTube extraordinaire (check out his YouTube channel)!

Real-life psychic Elizabeth Mihelich drops by and gives us some crazy psychic predictions for 2014: including where the Tobuscus Adventures Wizards game will go, whether Tim will ever finish his Legend of Zelda cosplay and Gabe has an amazing reaction to the concept being read. Clairvoyant Elizabeth also tells Toby something about how he's awesome at everything and now we will never hear the end of it. As far as real psychics go, Elizabeth Mihelich is awesome. Watch to find out what a fortune teller predicts for the gang's 2014 future.

Gabuscus and Tim join Toby on screen, as always.

We learn that Toby's mom watches every single podcast every single week about four times. That's 4 hours of the Tobuscus podcast!

In this week's WEIRD NEWS we hear the story about the woman who pulled a gun on a McDonald's drive-through, the guy who pulled a gun on a girl scout over cookies, and the doctor who saved a woman's live by having watched an episode of HOUSE M.D.

A Florida man decided to overcome his fear of spiders by tattooing a giant spider on his face, which leads to the improvised FACE TATTOO SONG.

The guys play YELP LIBS! It's like Mad Libs only with Yelp reviews.


There's a LootCrate unboxing, live (pre-recorded) on the show!

Toby talks about Comcast buying Time Warner.

And there's a segment of ASK GRYPHON! To be a part of ASK GRYPHON, send your questions to ***********************.

Feel free to Photoshop tattoos onto Toby Turner and Gabuscus and tweet your pictures to with the hashtag #tobysucksatpodcasts.

Special thanks to What's Trending for letting us shoot in their space! Check them out at

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© 2014 Tobuscus

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