Craig Leydecker tells about his horror story | Now he is a happy customer

Craig Leydecker tells about his horror story | Now he is a happy customer from youtube by Sunlight Contractors
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Craig Leydecker may have a sense of humor but it was lost when he realized his house had the wrong type of spray foam insulation installed in the crawlspace.
After purchasing his home, Craig could not figure out why the floors were cold in the winter and hot in the summer. It had spray foam insulation installed which should have made this home's floor comfortable.
Sunlight Contractor's did an inspection and discovered open cell spray foam installed. Open cell spray foam should not be used in moisture ridden cold crawl spaces. Closed cell spray foam insulation prevents moisture and cold air from penetrating your floors and keep your heat inside your house.
Closed cell insulation, after application, dries into a hard foam material. This allows the foam to seal out moisture and unwanted air leaks into the interior of your home. CcSPF (closed cell spray polyurethane foam) is also termite and bug resistant. This is important in Louisiana temperatures where termites thrive in humid temperatures.
The added benefits of ccSPF are that it offers high R-value thermal insulation, aides in soundproofing, and reduces uncontrolled air inflow and outflow – this can lead to improved indoor air quality. In addition, it is self-adhering and sealing, adds high compressive strength, increased strength in the floor, and keeps floors temperatures warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Whether your home is a raised home or a home with a crawl space, has exposed floors, or just wanting your floors insulated, foam insulation will save you money on utility bills and make your home more livable.
We're glad to report that Craig's sense of humor returned after Sunlight Contractors removed the old spray foam and installed closed cell spray foam.
We happy to see Craig being his old self again and enjoying his newly purchased home. Whether you are located in New Orleans, Gretna, or north by Metairie and Kenner a raised home in Louisiana all get the same moist heat. Homeowners to the south in towns like Belle Chase, La Rose, and Lafitte all know that a warm floor makes a comfortable home. Former Louisiana flood homeowners in east Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Morrisonville, and Donaldsonville all know replacing floors and subfloors should be done right with FEMA recommended flood protection of spray foam insulation.
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